Maximum Wellness Rehab, LLC

Dr. Shawn Morgan, DPT

While hailing originally from Scranton, Pennsylvania, Dr. Shawn Morgan spent his formative years growing up in Middlesex County. He earned his Bachelor's in Mathematics from Rutgers University in 2007, ultimately deciding to go back to school for physical therapy, graduating in 2014 from Rutgers.

Dr. Shawn is a currently manual physical therapist who has been working in the Edison area since graduating from Rutgers. Shawn has focused his training on further developing his manual therapy skillset to address musculoskeletal issues in the body from head to toe.  His selection of treatments range from manipulations to taping and include more conservative treatments like soft tissue-based therapies and therapeutic exercise. Shawn has a profound respect for research and always incorporates the latest evidence when making clinical decisions for his clients. 

While away from the clinic, Shawn enjoys being physical active and playing basketball.  When further free time presents itself, he enjoys writing, composing, and producing music.